Minutes may 7th 2018 committee meeting

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  • Engage professional trail builder to reroute burnt forest, revitalise bottom section of DH trail and adjust top section of DH trail between double down and turtle rock.
  • 3 DH races and 5 GE races for 2018 season. Run on seperate days. Check the calendar.
  • Purchase of equipment to enable better event management and timing.
  • Coordinators to complete commissaires course through MTBA and first aid training.
  • New club coach to be engaged.
  • Discussed the resounding success of Trailstar and Redass events. Club memberships up in 2018 and general positive outlook and improvements coming for the year.

Presentation and AGM

The dates are set for the remaining events in our 2017 calendar.

Sunday 17th December at 3pm.
Club presentation (moved from Sunday 26th November) and this will be combined with the AGM. Venue to be confirmed.

Unfortunately the DH round for this weekend (5/11/17) has been cancelled.


CCMTB would like to announce that the AGM will be Tuesday 9 February at 7pm at the upstairs meeting room at Wyong McDonalds. Please see the link below for details on how to nominate for a position on the committee. Nomination forms must be received by 5pm Feb 2. An agenda will also be made available closer to the date. Under our constitution you MUST be a current financial member of our club to hold a position on the committee and be over the age of 18 at the time of the AGM. If there is more than one nomination for a position a secret ballot will be held at the AGM or you may choose to share the role in the case of an ordinary committee position. The club must fill the following positions:

There will also be ordinary committee positions. If you have an idea or are interested in being a part of the club on the committee or sub-committee level please contact the secretary Lucas on lucas172@gmail.com and fill out a nomination form with a position you would like to fill or create which MUST be received by 5pm 2 February 2016.

2016 applications_form2
You can type directly into the PDF, save and email as needed.

Some general advice on what these positions involve can be found here: