Mega Maintenance Weekend 8/9 July



9/10 July 2016




That’s right a WHOLE WEEKEND! Starting Friday afternoon and finishing sometime Sunday afternoon. There will be some areas to focus on, however if you have an area that has always bugged you now is the time to work with others to get it riding sweet. More details will be available closer to weekend and we welcome any suggestions. Check our Facebook or back here for up to date details.


The list


Forbidden forest

Smooth and fix ruts, reinstate berms and remove log or add longer up ramp


Before Bellbirds

Fill in large rut- use rocks



Rake and divert water coming down the hill before Dingos


Dingos (after Autobahn, before fire road)

Remove leaf litter from small gullies, rake, trim back over hanging branches.


Burnt Forest

Re-do first pinch entry from fire road.


Derock or reroute to the right the final climb before getting to 5-ways.

Fill rutted right hand corner with flat rocks


Wooden Berm

Make run into berm faster


Secret Squirrel


Add berm to right hand corner that is very loose and rocky about ½ through


Roller Coaster after Secret Squirrel

Reinstate long berm

Reroute or rock armour rutted and $%^@ corner

Reinstate berms directly before wooden bridge


Remove roots on uphill before dipper

Reassess line on dipper. Maintain speed and difficulty for A grade riders. Make the run into the drop down faster to increase skill level


Lower sections of Switchies

Create berm for off camber corner

Rock armour rutted sections created by braking ruts

Rake trail that leads to DH trail and fix as needed.