Race map for #2 Enduro

We have a sold out event and this sunday is looking like a great day for a race!

3 Stages

  1. DH track. At the finish of DH track ride up to 5 ways then up demtel to start of stage 2. Being careful at all mtn trail crossing on demtel hill for riders on the stage.
  2. All Mountain trail (from demtel hill). Staying on the original switchies line through the trees then taking the track crossing demtel hill down the “new” track that ends with big drop onto potter gulley firetrail. Your stage ends at the dropp off! Ride out potters gulley road and up to start of DH for stage 3.
  3. Old DH trail, using the old G-Out line at top of the downhill track following the original downhill trail to finish at the doubles at the bottom. Bring your timing chip to the event centre for return please!