CCMTB Enduro Series Round 5

CCMTB Enduro Series Round 5
16th September 2018.

The CCMTB 2018 Gravity Enduro race series concludes at Ourimbah.

The race will consist of 3 stages of descending sections of the bike park tied together with transitions.
Senior $35 Junior $30

3 stages

  1. Full DH track
  2. All MTN trail. demtel and down ALL Mtn track to finish at drop off onto potters gulley rd.
  3. Full OLD DH track.
You will be required to ride up Red Hill Rd to the start of the downhill track 2 times, demtel once.



  • Chip/Plate Collection: 07:45 – 08:15.
  • Rider Briefing: 8:30.
  • Race: 09:30 – 12:00.(approx) Return Timing Chips for your results!
  • Podiums – 12:30.

Extra Information

  •   Body armour is recommended.
  •   Four timed runs with combined time recorded for club championship point score.
  •   1st=80 2nd=65 3=55 4=48 5=43 6=38 7=33 8=29 9=25 10=22 11th=20 12=19 and so on.
  •   DNF will be awarded 5 points and DNS will be awarded 1 point
  •   Track length is variable for each of the timed runs.
  • No bike swapping allowed! Run what you brung and prepare for a great day’s racing.
  • All Junior and especially Under 15/13 riders are expected to have at least sighted trails on the mountain and be riding appropriate bikes for the terrain. We recommend riding our trails in the weeks leading up to your first enduro race. Under 13 yo who have not sighted the trails MUST ride with a parent or gaurdian.

MTBA Helmet and Protection Rules
4.3. For all events in the GE National Season riders are required to wear a Full Face helmet whilst riding the special stages of the events.

4.4. For Gravity Enduro events only the modular helmet with a removable chin piece will be considered a full face helmet.

4.5. In Under 15 and Under 17 competition, the following equipment is mandatory at all times while riding special stages:
a. Full-finger gloves must be worn
b. Elbow pads must be worn
c. Knee pads must be worn.

*There will be NO on the day rego. Online entry only, we have limited timing chips so avoid dissapointment and regisiter asap!

ONLINE ENTRY (OPENS 3rd September)