Gravity Enduro

GEGravity enduro is MTB racing’s new kid in the block. Some say it’s where DH racers go to retire, others say it’s where XC racers go when they’re having a mid-life crisis and realise they’ve never been driven to the top of a hill for the sole purpose of riding down it.

Either way we know it is a fun relaxed racing format that rewards skill as much as fitness and does not discriminate over equipment, however new MTBA rules mean you will need a full face helmet or a helmet with a removable chin bar

The Ourimbah Gravity Enduro uses the downhill track, other stages use all mountain and cross country tracks. It is a challenging track with ‘B’ (easier) lines around the difficult sections and can be very unforgiving with many rocky sections and trees that are close to the edge of the track.

Each round this season will be increasing in difficulty, longer stages where not only skills but fitness and ability to recover will play a role. Possibly even new sections not used for racing before!

Online Registration (penalties apply for on the day rego if available)

All valid runs count to the overall accumulated time and in true Enduro style, Time penalties will apply if you get busted getting your mates to drag you up the hill.

Senior $35 Junior $30

plus an additional Race Day Licence if you are not an MTBA member:

  • $33 – Non MTBA member (19+ years)
  • $20 – Non MTBA member – (18 years & under)
  • $15 – MTBA Recreation member upgrade

Registration is usually from 7.30am – 8am, racing starts at 9:30am.

Absolutely no private shuttles allowed, anybody using private shuttles will face disqualification. *U15 can shuttle up red hill rd.

Categories are defined by your age in the current year.
Talented riders are encouraged to enter the Elite category regardless of age!

GE Categories
Women Elite
Women Expert
Female Under 19
Under 19
Under 17
Under 15*
Under 13*
Super Masters

Extra Information

  •   Body armour is recommended.
  •   Four timed runs with combined time recorded for club championship point score.
  •   1st=80 2nd=65 3=55 4=48 5=43 6=38 7=33 8=29 9=25 10=22 11th=20 12=19 and so on.
  •   DNF will be awarded 5 points and DNS will be awarded 1 point
  •   Track length is variable for each of the timed runs.
  •   No bike swapping allowed!
  • 26, 650b or 29er – Run what you brung and prepare for a great day’s racing.
  • * All Junior and especially Under 15 riders are expected to have at least sighted trails on the mountain and be riding appropriate bikes for the terrain. We recommend riding our trails in the weeks leading up to your first enduro race.

MTBA Helmet and Protection Rules

4.3. For all events in the GE National Season riders are required to wear a Full Face helmet whilst riding the special stages of the events.

4.4. For Gravity Enduro events only the modular helmet with a removable chin piece will be considered a full face helmet.

4.5. In Under 15 and Under 17 competition, the following equipment is mandatory at all times while riding special stages:
a. Full-finger gloves must be worn
b. Elbow pads must be worn
c. Knee pads must be worn.