Visit Ourimbah MTB Park

With plenty of trails to suit all riders
Check out Trailforks for up to date trail maps

Ourimbah MTB Park Visitors

There are plenty of trails to suit all riders from the family loop for those just getting started to the XC and gravity trails that are used in our National Cup events. In all, there are over 18 km of trails to explore.

The Ourimbah MTB Park is managed by the Central Coast MTB Club under a Forest Permit issued by the Forestry Corporation of NSW.

It is 100% community-funded and free to use for all.

Please be aware of regular events that are advertised on the event calendar.

Please park at the trailhead and respect the signage onsite.

If you need directions just enter Central Coast Mountain Bike Club and Google Maps will take you straight there.

Be sure to look out for the local wildlife.

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, call 000.

Alternatively, you can use the Emergency + app which uses the GPS on your smartphone to help you give the 000 phone operator your location.

Download the Emergency+ app by scanning the QR code or by following this link.


///what3words is a platform that divides the world into 3m squares, with each square given a unique combination of three words. In using what3words you can easily give someone (including 000) your exact location. Download the what3words app by scanning the QR code or by following this link.

Trailforks is a trail map database to help you navigate your way around the trail network, using your phones GPS to geolocate your position onto the map. That means that wherever you are on the trails, Trailforks will pinpoint your location. Trailforks also offers information such as trail conditions and closures. Download the Trailforks app by scanning the QR code or by following this link.

Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park Safety

Mountain biking is dangerous and can lead to serious injury and even death.

Download and use the Trail Forks app or park map and stay on suitable trails.
It is your responsibility to educate yourself on trail safety and etiquette.
It is your responsibility to make yourself aware that the park caters to novice and elite riders & not every section of the park is suitable for you or your child to ride.

DO NOT push, walk, or ride up a gravity (descending) trail
DO NOT stop where you obstruct a trail. Keep people & bikes clear at all times
No pedestrians on MTB trails

You risk serious injury or death by lacking awareness or being ignorant.

Green trails are for novice and new riders.
Blue trails are for intermediate riders with developing skills who should have suitable bikes and protective equipment.
Black trails are for advanced riders ONLY.

Blue and Black trails include technical sections and jumps ridden at high speeds and are not suited to novice or new riders. Keep these trails clear at all times.

All trails are one way with the arrows indicating direction. Do not ride in the opposite direction. (Only two short sections are two way both indicated with signage)
Riders ahead of you have the right of way. Pass only when it is safe to do so when this poses no risk to either rider.
Observe and obey all posted signs and warnings
Keep off closed trails and closed areas
Do not create extra lines on existing trails

There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.

Treat the trails, park and riders with respect and enjoy your mountain biking experience.

Commercial Activity & Organised Events at Ourimbah MTB Park

This includes MTB coaching, tours, races, demo days, school groups, photography services, food services, and brand promotion.

Any commercial activity or organised events using the Ourimbah MTB Park must obtain formal permission from both CCMTB and the Forestry Corporation of NSW.

The Ourimbah MTB Park is managed by the Central Coast MTB Club (CCMTB) under a Forest Permit issued by the Forestry Corporation of NSW. The success of this arrangement relies on countless hours of VOLUNTEER time for trail construction, maintenance, and general administration.

This is a simple communication that covers your activity insurance-wise and requests a nominal contribution towards the maintenance of this unique facility. The park is 100% community-funded and requests your support for this unique location.

Please contact CCMTB and Forestry Corporation for further information.

Important Stuff

Lead by example to keep the park enjoyable for all

Think Neighbourly

Do not park at the bottom of Red Hill Rd (typical shuttle pick up point). 

Shuttle Pick Up

Commercial or self shuttle pick up is at the junction of Red Hill Rd & Potters Gully Rd


Keep Out

Do not drive in (Potters Gully Rd) to pick up riders. 

Shuttle drop off only

Left hand turn round about.  Do not park at the shuttle drop off area. Self shuttle area is sign posted.

Keep Tracks Clear

Keep tracks clear at all times.

If you need to stop stand to the side of the track