Ourimbah MTB Park Trailhead Development

With the GoFundme success the trail head redevelopment has started with the relocation of the container and removal of some trees.

The next stage is the construction of the new shelter with sandstone block surrounds, bike racks and a fixed podium.

More announcements soon.

The purpose of this development is to create a community hub, enhance social opportunities and skill development of those attending the park.

The Plan

The club container will be moved north along Red Hill Rd and turned to face south.

Barriers will be positioned around it to prevent vehicles from vandalising this basic structure.

The club container will overlook a club presentation and gathering area, including picnic tables, seating and fixed podium structure using sandstone blocks.

The trail map sign will be placed in a central location.

Central to this redevelopment, a new pump track will be the main feature.

This will further promote social engagement and skill development. Pump tracks are suitable for everyone  from beginners to professionals, kids to adults, women and men and can be ridden on regular MTB and kids bikes.

A CCMTB, Ourimbah MTB Park sign will be installed at the entrance to Red Hill Rd.

The club will also recognise the Aboriginal origin of the name Ourimbah in this development.

The Aboriginal word “Oorin” meaning “Belt of manhood” in which a stone axe was carried on hunting expeditions, and “Oorinbah” which is the bora ring or ceremonial ground in which the initiation ceremony of conferring the “belt of manhood” was carried out. Wikipedia. 

The plan will include the following and cost an estimated $5000

  • Tree removal by qualified arborists,
  • Sandstone blocks (seconds) from local quarries to be used as barriers to protect the pump track and container
  • Create picnic tables from Forestry log stockpile  
  • Importing of earth and shaping completing largely by the volunteer base
  • Machinery hire for container relocation and pump track rough in
  • Ongoing maintenance by the volunteer base

Approved by Forestry Corporation Thursday 4th April 2019