Safety is critical!

Undercover police observing Ourimbah MTB Park have asked the club to remind the riding community that illegal activity will not be tolerated.
This includes rules relating to bike racks and the transport of passengers.
CCMTB & Forestry Corporation recommend the following speeds for public safety (& to reduce dust for riders) on Red Hill Rd boundary of the Ourimbah MTB Park:
  • 20km/hr in the vicinity of a rider
  • 20km/hr at the shuttle pick up, trailhead head & drop off areas
  • 40km/hr at all other times
Always drive with caution, there are children and riders everywhere. Red Hill Rd is a public road and road rules apply.
We are advising you of increased police presence – any illegal activity will incur fines.
If the community sees illegal activity we recommend you be proactive and take photos of the incident including registration details, offending activity and the driver if possible and report this directly to police.
Support from everyone in this matter is greatly appreciated. Lead by example and encourage others to do the same. We never ever want to see injury or worse a fatality from car hitting a park user!
Stay safe, drive safe
CCMTB Committee
Drive Safe Ourimbah MTB Park