Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park Supporter

Community Funded | Run by Volunteers

Support Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park

As a park supporter, your funds go directly into building new trails, new features, and maintaining existing trails all under the stewardship of CCMTB.

See our current and planned projects on our Development Page to find out what your funds go towards.

Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park is community-funded and run by volunteers. It’s all about mountain biking and mountain bikers. Everyone loves Ourimbah and we need your support to keep it riding sweet.

The boom in mountain biking has put huge pressure on our trails and infrastructure. We want to keep the trails running in prime condition so Ourimbah MTB Park is a ride destination that everyone will love. Help us out, take pride in your local trails, and support where you ride.

Choose the day pass or annual subscription pack that best suits you.

The supporter pack will be mailed out to you.

Do I have to be a supporter to ride the park?
No, Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park is and always will be a free to use community facility. The supporter package enables us, a not for profit club to build and maintain the trails and features of Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park.
What’s included in the Supporter Pack?
You will receive a sticker for your bike and your car to show that you are an active supporter of the trails. You will also be included in community discussion about how to develop the Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park through our online forums.
How do I receive the Supporter Pack?
Supporter packs will be mailed out to you.  
What does my Supporter Fee Cover?
Aside from your supporter pack, the fee goes directly into building and maintaining the trail at Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park. CCMTB is committed to constantly improving the facility at Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park via ongoing maintenance and trail building. Check our past and current Ourimbah MTB projects
Is this different to be a club member?
Yes our club members are also members of AusCycling. This provides Club members insurance under AusCycling and also (were selected) a race license to compete in Australian Mountain Bike Events. Our Club members are by default a supporter as a proportion of their AusCycling license fee comes back to the club. If you would like to read about AusCycling membership please read the options to join.