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Central Coast Mountain Bike Club is a not-for-profit organisation investing every dollar into creating, building, and maintenance of the tracks we all love to ride.

For the riders, for your friends & family, 100% community funded.

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2024 XC Round #4 Sunday 4th August


16th July 2024

GRAVITRON (Gravity Enduro)




Caution! Diverted to Bellbirds on lower Flow section.

BACK IN BLACK (Downhill)


LYREBIRD (Cross Country)


Ride to Conditions. Lower areas still wet!


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It is YOUR responsibility to make yourself aware that the park caters to novice and elite riders, and not every section of the park is suitable for your child to ride.

It is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself on trail safety and etiquette.

If you are new to the park, use the TrailForks app or park map on the website, and stay on trails that match your skill level.

You risk serious injury or death by being ignorant. Gravity trails are NOT suitable for novice riders.

Think Neighbourly

Do not park at the bottom of Red Hill Rd (typical shuttle pick up point).

Shuttle Pick Up

Commercial or self shuttle pick up is at the junction of Red Hill Rd & Potters Gully Rd

Keep Out

Do not drive in (Potters Gully Rd) to pick up riders.

Shuttle drop off only

Left hand turn round about. Do not park at the shuttle drop-off area. Self-shuttle drop-off area is signposted.

Keep Tracks Clear

Do NOT stop on the track.

Do NOT push or ride up Gravity/DH tracks. 

Always stand to the side of the track to keep clear at all times

Shuttle Drivers

Red Hill Rd is a shared space | Look out for fellow riders

CCMTB & Forestry Corporation recommends the following for public safety on the Red Hill Rd boundary of the Ourimbah MTB Park:

20km/hr in the vicinity of a rider
20km/hr at the shuttle pick up, trailhead head & drop off areas
40km/hr at all other times

Always drive with caution, there are children and riders everywhere. Red Hill Rd is a public road and road rules apply.

Track length in kms


Community Funded

Shuttle days / week

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