Age Group Information

Age group calculation is determined at December 31 of the current racing year, meaning how old you are at the end of the year determines which category you can race. It is a standard across MTBA racing events.

Your date of birth will automatically offer the correct race category plus the option to enter Elite

Elite being for the more experienced riders who have been racing for a while.

Event Cancellation

CCMTB reserve the right to cancel the race at any time and the race may be cancelled by us due to fire, storm, rain, inclement weather, wind, venue closure, or any other circumstances. If conditions do warrant the postponement of the event, CCMTB will endeavour to set an alternative date and possibly location and entry fees and registration details will be transferred to that alternative race.

If a rider cannot participate on the alternative race date set we ask that the riders inform us immediately after the announcement of the alternative date. We will then refund 90% of the original registration fee paid.

Start Time

Events start on time.

There is a set registration time period to collect your race chip. This is usually 7 – 8:15 am followed by a rider briefing and then racing or practice runs commence.

Once the rider briefing is completed there is no one available to stay at the desk in case someone is running late. All club volunteers are now out on the course. If you do not have a timing chip you can’t race. Calling or messaging us that you are going to be late doesnt work as everyone is flat out and we would typically miss this information.

It is also possible that your timing chip has been given to a rider on the standby list as we will have assumed you are not attending.

Please be on time.

Timing Chips

These are your responsibility and are worth $100 each.

Make sure they are on firmly and on your right wrist (closest to the start / finish gates).

Check it is ON at the test station. It will beep and flash as you go past the test station. It is unlikley you will hear/see this while you are riding. If it is not on you will have no results

If you lose it, stop and find it as you will have no race results with out it. Ask for assistance, we have found all so far.

Club championships

Club members only accrue points for the series of each discipline, with final places shifted accordingly. You must be a CCMTB financial member by end of October and participated in minimum 2 races per discipline.

1st=80 2nd=65 3=55 4=48 5=43 6=38 7=33 8=29 9=25 10=22 11th=20 12=19 and so on.

Racing Fee Refund Requests

If you can’t make it to the race email or message us we will refund your money as per the schedule below.

  • up to 14 days before the event: 90%
  • up to 7 days before the event 80%
  • less than 7 days before the event: 50%

We dont transfer or hold over for future events as it gets messy. It is easier to refund direct to you. If you cant race we do appreciate it when you let us know as we typically have a wait list so can pass on your slot to another rider.

No Shows

If you do not show up by event start time you will forfeit your entry fee and will not be eligible for a refund.