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CCMTB 2024 GE RD #2

April 28


CCMTB 2024 GE RD #2

Race Date

Sunday 28th April 2024

Entry Fees

As per Entry Boss registration page

National Cup





3 fast and challenging trails at the Ourimbah MTB Park.
Course details will be released 1 week before the race date.
Stay tuned!


8:00 am till 9:00 am (collect race plates, timing chips, U13 shuttle passes)

Rider Briefing

8:30am (Changes/additions to online briefing)

Race Starts

9.30 am to 1:30 pm


approx 2:00pm

Race Information

  • There will be 3 stages, riders are to complete the full racecourse (at least one valid run on all timed stages), the combined fastest times from each stage will determine the final standings.
  • Stages can be completed in any order during the official race time.
  • U13 category will be given 2 shuttle uplifts by the designated uplift vehicle per stage.
  • There will be strictly NO private shuttles allowed on the race day and anyone caught shuttling will receive DNF.

Race Etiquette

  • Riders are encouraged to use good behavior racing practice. Overtake only when safe to do so. When approaching a slower rider, hail “RIDER” so they know to pull over when safe to do so. Do not cut the lines and follow only bunted stages (it is not fair to others and significant cutting will result in DNF).
  • Do not extend “run-in” on self-seeding stages, just be fair to others and start at a FIRST Start sign.
  • Follow only bunted stages, if you make a wrong turn and damage stage bunting, please come back and repair the damaged bunting so the rider behind you doesn’t make the same error.
  • Stage START will be marked by two signs, the FIRST one will determine where your stage “run-in” starts and the SECOND one is where your stage timing starts. There will also be two FINISH signs, the first one will signal you that you are approaching stage finish and the second one is when your time stops.


  • Timing chips will be collected in the morning during registrations. It is the rider’s responsibility to test-check the timing chip at the test area that will be set up at the trailhead before the race.
  • It’s the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the timing chip is always safely secured on the right-hand wrist. Riders will be charged $100 for each lost chip.
  • All stages have a “Self-Seeding” start. Riders are expected to start their stage run-in at the first Stage Start sign.
  • Please get back to the event centre ASAP to return your chip so you don’t hold up proceedings!


  • There will be first aiders on the course and at the finish line.
  • Seek the nearest track marshal for assistance.
  • In case of a “rider down” situation, where the injured rider is not able safely seek assistance by himself, the first passing rider is required to stop and assist, the second passing rider is then required to pass on the message about the incident to the nearest track marshal or first-aider.


NOTE: Online Registration opens 2 weeks before the event.


Practice Shuttles for Saturday can be booked separately with Transition Extreme

You must have a AusCycling race / day licence.

Full face helmet is mandatory (removable chin bars allowed).

Fit timing chips firmly on your right wrist.

Check it is on before you race.

Hand it in after the race to get your results. If you leave early, let a marshal know & return your chip before you go.


U17 & below must wear knee & elbow guards & full finger gloves.

Neck, back protection & body armour is recommended.

Juniors riders are expected to have sighted the course before hand